Live bidding

You can’t be at the auction? No problem. Simply bid in real time with our online live auction.

Technical requirements

To participate on your PC or your mobile device, a stable internet connection is required. Our recommendations include a connection speed of at least 2MBit/s (broadband/optical fiber connection), as well as a current browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge) and activated JavaScript.

You can test the live auction in advance with the auction simulator. ATTENTION!! The simulator does not record any bids – feel free to try out everything!


Important: Some auctions require a special registration to participate. This registration should take place at least 24 hours before the the auction starts.

You can register for the live auction here.

Add bookmarks

If you do not want to miss your chance of bidding, you can add bookmarks for lots you are interested in. The auctioneer will then be notified that a potential live bidder is available for these lots – of course without transferring any personal information. To add a bookmark, click on “Add to Bookmarks” on the respective lots’ detail page. The bookmark list will also display a detailed overview for you to use as a referral during the auction.

Just a few hints for your successful participation

  • Take your time to browse interesting offers prior to the auction.
  • Take notes of the lot numbers you would like to bid on, and decide on the highest price you are willing to pay.
  • You may place your bids prior to the auction and intercept during the live auction only if you are outbid.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us in due time prior to the auction.
  • Do not hesitate too long when placing a bid to make sure your bids reach the auctioneer in time, even if you are on a slower connection.

Our live auction software is provided by GmbH.